Nashville to Stevenson

From crossovers to the west leg of the wye at "Nashville", trailing in on the west side of the east leg of the wye, with two tracks each at this point, as the line bridges over Charlotte Avenue, forming Four Main Tracks at Church Street (MP 186), where there is a tower, and more crossovers at the erstwhile location of Union Station (Kayne Street, where there is a tower), the line continues just east of due south, CTC, Yard Limits, maximum speed 25 mph, turning southeast past crossovers at South End Tower (MP 187), where the line reduces to Two Main Tracks, a crossing with Oak Street, to the junction at Oak Street (MP 1.4), where 2MT continue southeast on the line to Chattanooga, and two turn south on the line to Radnor.

The Chattanooga line heads southeast, Two Main Tracks, CTC, Yard Limits, maximum speed 10 mph, past a bridge over a line between Berry Hill and Shops, Fourth Avenue (MP 1.8), where the A-2 line to Radnor Yard departs on the north side (10 mph) and the maximum speed rises to 40 mph, a grade crossing at Glenrose Avenue (MP 4.4), a bridge over the A-2 line and the Radnor Cutoff, a southeast quadrant connector (A-1 Line) from that line trailing in on the south side at Woodbine/Glencliff (MP 4.9), a 5-car north-facing spur at MP 5.0, a turn east, south-southeast, with an industrial track trailing in on the north side at Vultee Junction (MP 6.0), and southeast, to Danley (MP 7.2), where the D Line from Radnor Yard trails in on the south side  and single track starts, CTC, Yard Limits, maximum speed 60 mph

The line turns south-southeast, past Antioch, east-southeast, past Lavergne and the 8,800 ft. west-side siding at Strickland (MP 18.0), south-southeast, past the 30-car spur (MP 20.0), Smyrna (MP 20.4), and 150-car connection from the Nissan plant, on the east side, at MP 23.3, the 5-car north-facing spur at Florence (MP 25.0), a detector at MP 25.5, and the 7,205 ft. east-side siding at Murfreesboro (MP 31.0), where there is a grade crossing at South County Farm Road, just east of due south, just west of due south, past Rucker and Christiana, south-southeast, past the 7,040 ft. east-side siding at Fosterville (MP 45.3), a grade crossing at MP 46.3, a detector at "Bell Buckle" (MP 50.5), the 8,580 ft. west-side siding at Wartrace (MP 55.0), with a closed grade crossing and a street to the west, where the Walking Horse & Eastern Railroad trails in on the west side, and Haley, turning east-southeast, past Intermediate Signals and a grade crossing at Cortner, south-southwest, past Normandy, and south-southeast again, all with a 40 mph speed restriction, from MP 61.3 to MP 66.5.

There is a 50 mph speed restriction, from MP 66.5 to MP 67.2, a 45 mph speed restriction, through Tullahoma, from MP 67.2 to MP 69.2, the 8,525 ft. west-side siding, with a road bridge overhead, and yard at Tullahoma (MP 68.4), where the Caney Fork & Western Railroad heads away on the east side (including a spur to the Arnold Engineering Development Center), a grade crossing at Warren Street (MP 69.0), a 50 mph speed restriction, through Tullahoma, from MP 69.2 to MP 71.4, a detector at "Estill Springs" (MP 72.8), a jog south, past a deck girder bridge over a lake, and then south-southeast again, a 45 mph speed restriction, through ??, from MP 76.7 to MP 77.5, a 30 mph speed restriction, from MP 81.5 to MP 82.0, the 4,125 ft and 4,180 ft. west-side sidings at Decherd (MP 82.3), with an old wooden depot to the east, where a spur to Winchester (the remains of the line to Huntsville) heads southwest.

A derailment detector system is in place, from MP 85.0 to MP 95.6, providing eighteen sets of lights at locations along the line as it crosses over the Cumberland Mountain ridge of the Appalachian Mountains, with a 45 mph speed restriction, from MP 86.7 to MP 88.0, past the 6,160 ft. east-side, 4,510 ft. and 4,455 ft. west-side sidings,  starting at North Cowan (MP 85.4), with three extra tracks to the west and a street to the east, the west side tracks ending at Middle Cowan (MP 86.4), and the east side siding ending at South Cowan (MP 87.0), a grade crossing just south of the east-side siding, a wood-frame depot to the west, now the Cowan Railroad Museum, across the track from its original location at Cowan (MP 87.3), a turn just east of due south, with a 35 mph speed restriction, from MP 88.0 to MP 88.6, past a grade crossing, a location where the erstwhile Troy City Branch once split off on the west side, curvily east,  on a 2-mile 2% upgrade, with a 30 mph speed restriction, from MP 88.6 to MP 93.7.

The line turns southeast past Intermediate Signals and the bridge carrying the Troy City Branch over the main line, through Cowan Tunnel with a rock-walled cutting at each end, past the Rockledge siding just south of the tunnel, ending at MP 90.5, where there is a remnant of the escape track once used for runaway trains, on the west side, a rock cutting at MP 90.6, and four miles of 2.5% downgrade, curving east, south, east-southeast, curvily just east of due south, south-southwest, and curvily south, some in rock-walled cutting, one with a pipe bridge overhead, and another with two pipe bridges overhead, with a 35 mph speed restriction (following the 30 mph), from MP 93.7 to MP 95.2, past a grade crossing and the start of Two Main Tracks at Tantallon (MP 94.5), a 35 mph speed restriction on Track 2, from MP 95.2 to MP 96.9, a road alongside to the south, the Sherwood Team Track on the north side at MP 96.4, and the resumption of single track at Sherwood (MP 96.9), with a grade crossing just to its south.

There is a detector at "Sherwood" (MP 99.0), the 3,520 ft. west-side siding at Anderson (MP 102.2), the border between Tennessee and Alabama, the 5-car north-facing spur at Bass (MP 107.0), where the line turns south-southeast, a 35 mph speed restriction, through Stevenson, from MP 111.1 to MP 113.5, as the line turns east, a detector at "Cards" (MP 111.7), and the junction with the NS line from Memphis, trailing in on the south side (from the south-southwest) at Stevenson (MP 113.0), where the old two-storey brick depot, now the Stevenson Railroad Museum, is in the vee of the junction, with a grade crossing just east of the depot, and the line turns north-northeast.