Stevenson to Wauhatchie (Chattanooga)

From the junction (MP 112.7, 25 mph on the turnout) between the CSX line from Nashville, coming from the west, and  the NS line from Memphis, trailing in on the south side (from the south-southwest) at Stevenson (MP 113.0), , where the old two-storey brick depot, now the Stevenson Railroad Museum, is in the vee of the junction, with a grade crossing just east of the depot and grain silos on the south side of the NS, opposite the depot, the line turns north-northeast, Two Main Tracks, CTC, Yard Limits, maximum speed 60 mph, but with local 35 mph speed restriction, through Stevenson, to MP 113.5, past a road bridge overhead just east of the junction, dragging equipment detectors at MP 116.6, Bolivar, a 6,160 ft. siding and crossovers at Widows Creek (MP 119.3), where a spur (15 mph) to the TVA Widows Creek Steam Plant, on the north bank of the Tennessee River heads southeast and there is a yard on the south side, and dual road bridges carrying SR 2 overhead, turning east, where an erstwhile branch trailed in from the west, with a 45 mph speed restriction, from MP 121.2 to MP 122.0, and east-northeast, with a 30 mph speed restriction, from MP 122.0 to MP 123.6, past a 4,070 ft. siding, a tight s-curve on the double track, and the resumption of single track at Bridgeport (MP 122.6), with a stucco two-storey depot on the north side and  pedestrian crossing east of the start of single track, where a line trails in from the north and there is a yard on the north side.

There is a deck girder fixed bridge, an island, and a three-span through-truss bridge, with the middle span lifting, over the Tennessee River, the start of Two Main Tracks at Hale (MP 123.8), Long Island, the border between Alabama and Tennessee, a turn east, along the south side of Nickajack Lake, a reservoir formed on the river, past a 50 mph speed restriction, from MP 127.4 to MP 128.0, the resumption of single track at Alaten (MP 127.8), a turn northeast, following the bank of the reservoir, past a detector at MP 130.3, a turn just south of due east, still along the water, a turn very curvily southeast, with a 35 mph intermodal/auto and 25 mph freight speed restriction, from MP 132.3 to MP 143.7, past the start of Two Main Tracks at James (MP 133.8), a steel viaduct over I-24 and a frontage road, crossovers at Whiteside (MP 137.0), where there is a five-car west-facing spur and the line turns east, southeast, south into Georgia, and curvily just north of due east, back into Tennessee.

There are dragging equipment detectors at MP 141.0, Hooker, a 40 mph speed restriction, from MP 143.7 to MP 145.7, Wildwood (MP 143.8), where the Wildwood Lead (25 mph) departs on the south side, heading for the former Alabama Great Southern, and the junction between the joint CSX/NS track and the NS (former Alabama Great Southern) line on its south/east side, at Wauhatchie (MP 145.7), where the CSX track separates on the west side and the NS track on the east side heads north-northwest.