Wauhatchie to Jersey (Chattanooga)

From the yard at Wauhatchie (MP 145.7), and the junction between the the Chattanooga subdivision, coming from Stevenson, AL, and the NS (former Alabama Great Southern) line on its south/east side, the CSX line turns east, Two Main Tracks, CTC, maximum speed 60 mph, but local restriction 25 mph, with the continuation of the AGS line bridging overhead and the north end of the yard trailing in on the south side, north-northeast, with the AGS line bridging veered again, east-southeast, along the south bank of the Tennessee River, turning north-northeast at Lookout (MP 147.0), start of the (mostly erstwhile) Cravens Yard, where the Lookout Lead trails in on the south side, and then curving around to the east, away from the river, past a crossover at Alton Park (MP 149.0), a flat crossing with an NS branch to Vulcan Materials, on the riverbank, at Wheland (MP 149.4), and the end of the Cravens Yard.

The line turns north-northeast, along teh west side of the multi-track NS main line, at 23rd Street, angles further east, across the angled flat crossing (MP 152.1/136.0) with the four tracks of the NS main line at CT Tower (MP 152.2/135.9), and then runs along the east side of the NS main line, past a flat crossing with the single track connector to the Wast Chattanooga Belt at Main Street, as the lines turn northeast and the  north-northeast again, the start of single track at East End Avenue (MP 135.6), MP 135.2, where the full line speed prevails, a detector at "Boyce" (MP 133.7), where teh line is adjacent to the east side of the NS DeButts Yard, a 55 mph speed restriction from MP 131,4 to MP 130.1, the 4,070 ft. north side siding at Boyce (MP 131.2), where the line starts a big turns to the east-northeast, east-southeast, just west of due south, with a 40 mph speed restriction from MP 130.1 to MP 128.7, and southeast, to the 2,000 ft. north side siding at Tyner/Jersey (MP 128.7), where there is a connector east onto the NS line to Knoxville, on which CSX has trackage rights, and the TVRM (former Southern) line bridges overhead.