Fargo to Staples

From Fargo Yard (MP 24.2) and the passenger station at Fargo (MP 23.4), the line jogs southeast, across the Red River and into Minnesota, to Moorhead (MP 22.3/6.7), where the speed limit is 10 mph and the ex-NP main line trails in from the west, with the line thus becoming Double Track, TWC, ABS, with speed limit 40-35, and turns east past the crossovers Moorhead Junction (MP 5.8), where former GN lines turn away north, south-southeast, and south, and the former NP line used by Amtrak continues straight ahead, past crossovers at Dilworth (MP 3.2) and crossovers at East Dilworth (MP 0.0/250.2), where the speed limit rises to 75-50 and the line becomes Two Main Tracks, CTC, as the line continues east past crossovers at Glyndon (MP 248.8), where a GN line once crossed on the flat, MP 248.1, where the speed limit rise to 79-50, a turn east-southeast past Witherow, MP 236.1, where the speed limit falls to 75-50, north-northeast to the two sets of crossovers and 26-car rail-served grain elevator at Hawley (MP 234.4), northeast to the crossovers at Manitoba Junction (MP 230.6), where a line from Ullen (and once from much further north) trails in from the north, and curvily east past Dale, a jog to the south and back east again, detectors at MP 225.0, crossovers at Lake Park (MP 222.0), a turn east-southeast past Audubon (MP 217.2), Oak Lake, crossovers at Richards Spur (MP 213.6), whence a spur heads south to Bradshaw Sand and Gravel, and where the 2MT, CTC, become Double Track, ABS, TWC, a flat crossing with the Canadian Pacific (former Soo line) just west of Detroit Lakes, and crossovers at Detroit Lakes (MP 210.1), where the line turns southeast.

The line continues past detectors at MP 203.1, McHugh, Frazee, Luce, crossovers at Perham (MP 189.3), where the line turns east-southeast, Richdale, crossovers at New York Mills (MP  178.5), detectors at MP 174.1, Topelius, Bluffton, a location where an NP branch once trailed in from the southwest, crossovers at Wadena (MP 165.6), where CTC begins, with the Double Track becoming Two Main Tracks, and a north-south GN line once crossed on the flat, Verndale (MP 159.0), a divided road alongside to the north, extra track on the north side, a spur curving away north, two grade crossings in town, Aldrich, where the line turns just south of east, a dirt road grade crossing, a bridge over a river, a grade crossing, two dirt road grade crossings, detectors at MP 151.6, and crossovers at West Staples (MP 150.1), where there is an abandoned factory to the east, south of the crossovers, a passenger station at Staples (MP 148.0), with an old brick two-storey depot on the east side, and crossovers and the junction (MP 140.2), where the single track ex-NP Duluth line continues straight ahead while the 2MT main line turns southeast.