Bellevue Yard

Norfolk & Western opened Bellevue Yard, on the site of a previous Nickel Plate yard, in 1982, with 11 receiving tracks, 42 classification tracks, six westbound and four eastbound departure tracks, classifying 1,400 cars a day. There are still-extant previous yards, named West, with 20 tracks, and East, with 23 tracks, for local traffic. Traffic past Bellevue is 85-100 trains a day, of which 65 receive remarshaling of some sort, with 40 classified over the hump.

The yard is located east of the Sandusky line, along the former Nickel Plate line to Buffalo, with the locomotive facilities at the west end, the west yard to the north and east yard to the south of the main lien, then an array, with the westbound departure yard to the north, the classification yard south of that, then the cars shops, and finally the eastbound departure yard to the south. The engine shops is east of the classification yard, the caboose yard just north of the eastbound departure yard, and the receiving yard east of the rest of the complex. However, most trains arrive from the west, from Sandusky, Toledo, Fort Wayne, Cincinnati, and Portsmouth, and must pull past the departure yards to reach the receiving yard.