Burnham to Van Loon

From the NS Burnham Yard (MP 505.9), on the south side of the line, from which a connector to the former B&OCT departs on the south side at the southeast end of the yard, the double track, Automatic Block Signals, Yard Limits, ex-NKP line heads southeast past the crossing with the IHB and former B&OCT at State Line Tower (MP 504.7, tower in the northeast quadrant of the crossing, with the South Shore behind it), and turns south-southeast, crossing from Illinois into Indiana, with the former rights-of-way of erstwhile Erie and C&WI lines on its west side, past a flat crossing with another IHB (former Michigan Central) line at Hoffman Avenue (Hammond, MP 503.8),  and curving southeast past former industrial trackage on the south/west side, the 4,500 ft east side siding at Osborn, a flat crossing with an ex-NYC branch heading due south at Osborn (MP 500.5), and a flat crossing with the north-south EJ&E at Van Loon (MP 497.9), where the crossing is almost underneath the Interstate Highway (tower in the southwest quadrant), there is a connector in the southeast quadrant, double track reduces to single track, and ABS is replaced by TC.