Calumet Yard to Burnham

The double track, Traffic Control line from the IC at 80th Street (MP 515.8) and the parallel east-west Belt Railway of Chicago, Chicago Rail Link and Chicago & Western Indiana lines at Pullman Junction (MP 512.3) comes into Calumet Yard (MP 510.5) from the north-northwest. A connector to the IHB continues south-southeast along the east side of the yard, while the former NKP main line curves south, south-southeast, and then southeast around the west side of the yard,, where there are connectors to industrial tracks on the east side of Calumet Harbor. There is another connection to the line going to the IHB at the south end of the yard.

The double track, Automatic Block Signals, Yard Limits, ex-NKP line heads south from Calumet Yard (MP 510.5), past another connection from the industrial tracks on the west side at 110th Street (MP 510.0), and the single track drawbridge over the Calumet River at Cummings (MP 507.9), passing beneath the South Shore Line and then turning southeast along the south side of that line, past Hegwisch Yard on the south side of the line, a spur to the Standard Steel Car Shops on the south side, a flat crossing with the former PRR  (now IHB) at Burnham Xing, where a south quadrant connector trails into the NS Burnham Yard (MP 505.9), on the south side of the line, from which a connector to the former B&OCT departs on the south side at the southeast end of the yard.