Fort Wayne to Fostoria

From the junction with the NS (former Wabash) line north to Detroit, at NE (MP 365.4), the line heads east, single track, Automatic Block Signals, Traffic Control, maximum speed 60 mph for intermodal trains and 50 mph for other freight trains, but with local speed restriction to 30 mph ending at this location, past the junction with the NS Woodburn Branch, heading away east-northeast, at MP 363.9. a spur for New Home Lumber Company (MP 363.5), the 6,048 ft. siding at New Haven (MP 363.3), a yard on the north side at Casad (MP 360.0), the 6,820 ft. siding at Dawkins (MP 358.3), Edgerton (MP 354.0), and a detector at "Edgerton" (MP 353.7), right on the border between Indiana and Ohio.

There is a 6,822 ft. siding at Payne (MP 349.6), Briceton (MP 344.6), the 13,401 ft. siding at Latty (MP 341.8), where an erstwhile Big Four line once crossed on the flat, Broughton (MP 339.5), a detector at "Goodwin" (MP 335.5), Goodwin, Melrose, a bridge over a river (Maumee tributary), Oakwood (MP 331.3), a spur at the Oakwood Elevator (MP 331.0), the 7,981 ft westward and 7,102 ft. eastward sidings at Continental (MP 325.8), where erstwhile Lima & Defiance and Clover Leaf lines once crossed (and crossed each other) on the flat, Kieferville, a 7,553 ft. siding at Miller City (MP 318.7), and a detector at "Leipsic Junction" (MP 315.6).

The former Detroit, Toledo & Ironton crosses on the flat (40 mph on both crossings) at Leipsic (MP 311.4), and the speed restriction remains past the flat crossing (40 mph on both crossings) with the former B&O Cincinnati to Toledo line at Leipsic Junction (MP 310.6), start of a section of Two Main Tracks, with a 35 mph speed restriction on Track 2 from Leipsic Junction to Townwood, past the Leipsic RIP Track (MP 310.5) and Yellow Creek (MP 308.0) to the resumption of single track at Townwood (MP 305.7), McComb (MP 300.8), where an erstwhile B&O line once trailed in from the northwest and then departed to the southeast, a detector at "McComb" (MP 298.5), the 6,848 ft. eastward and 6,725 ft. westward siding at North Findlay (MP 293.1), where there is a flat crossing (MP 293.14, 40 mph on the crossing) with the Conrail (former Toledo &Ohio Central) line between Toledo and Columbus.

There is a spur for Custom Farm Service (MP 287.9), the junction with the NS Lima District (former Lake Erie & Western), trailing in from the southwest at DA (MP 286.0), where Two Main Tracks start and the line turns northeast, Arcadia (MP 285.8), a detector at "Arcadia" (MP 285.5), a spur for Ohio Power (MP 283.0), FS (MP 282.0), where the 2MT, TC, become Double Track, current-of-traffic (Rule D-251), the start of Yard Limits at MP 281.9, a 40 mph speed restriction on curves from MP 281.14 to MP 279.8, as the line turns east-northeast where the erstwhile Lake Erie & Western once continued northeast, the flat crossing with the former B&O Chicago line at Fostoria (MP 280.4), the flat crossing with the former C&O Toledo line at MP 279.9, a connector from the former B&O trailing in on the south side, and Blair Yard on the south side (MP 279.0), where there is a 4,465 ft. eastward siding.