Fostoria to Bellevue

From the junction with the NS Lima District (former Lake Erie & Western), trailing in from the southwest at DA (MP 286.0), where Two Main Tracks start and the line turns northeast, the Automatic Block Signals, Traffic Control line, with maximum speed 60 mph for intermodal trains and 50 mph for other freight trains, passes Arcadia (MP 285.8), a detector at "Arcadia" (MP 285.5), a spur for Ohio Power (MP 283.0), FS (MP 282.0), where the 2MT, TC, become Double Track, current-of-traffic (Rule D-251), the start of Yard Limits at MP 281.9, a 40 mph speed restriction on curves from MP 281.14 to MP 279.8, as the line turns east-northeast where the erstwhile Lake Erie & Western once continued northeast, the flat crossing with the former B&O Chicago line at Fostoria (MP 280.4), the flat crossing with the former C&O Toledo line at MP 279.9, a connector from the former B&O trailing in on the south side, and Blair Yard on the south side (MP 279.0), where there is a 4,465 ft. eastward siding.

Yard Limits end at MP 275.4, and single track resumes at Ilers (MP 275.3), as the line continues past the flat crossing with Indiana Hi-Rail (former PRR Toledo line) at Maple Grove (MP 269.4), Narlo (MP 269.0), a spur for Rural Service at MP 266.2, a spur for the Old Fort Elevator at MP 265.5, a detector at "Old Fort" (MP 265.2), where the line turns east past a section of 2MT starting at Old Fort (MP 264.2), a turn east-northeast past a spur for Church & Dwight at MP 263.5, a spur for Dome Petroleum at MP 263.2, and a spur for Louisiana Chemical at MP 263.1, a turn east again, past a spur for Horn Crop & Soil at MP 259.9, a spur for the Green Springs Elevator at MP 259.8, and the resumption of single track at Green Springs (MP 259.0), where an erstwhile Big Four line once made a flat crossing.

The line turns just north of due east, and then east again, past the start of 2MT at Colby (MP 254.0), a 40 mph speed restriction for the curve to the north-northeast between MP 249.2 and MP 248.7, a junction with the NS Sandusky District (southwest connector, since lifted) at MP 249.4, the junction with the NS Sandusky District, trailing in from the south-southwest at New Haven Connection (MP 249.0), a bridge over the erstwhile New York Central (Lake Shore & Michigan Southern) and Wheeling & Lake Erie (NS Toledo District), a junction with the NS Toledo District (northwest quadrant connector) at MP 248.9, Southwest Street (MP 248.8), a 25 mph speed restriction through the Bellevue Terminal from MP 248.7 to MP 247.7, the Wheeling & Lake Erie Lakeshore Connection at MP 248.6, a junction with the NS Sandusky District at MP 248.5, where that line continues north-northeast and the former Nickel Plate main line turns northeast, a junction with the NS Toledo District at MP 248.3, the Wheeling & Lake Erie Brewster Connection at MP 248.2, and Center Street (MP 248.1).

The Bellevue Yard starts at Mini Plant (MP 247.8), with two parallel separate yards on the north side of the bypass track, on which 2MT end at Harkness Street (MP 247.7) in favor of single track, ABS, TC (still with speed restriction 25 mph). The two parallel yards and the bypass track all come together at Bragg Road (MP 246.0), east of which there is another yard with tracks to its north and south to RT 4 (MP 244.7), beyond which yard-area tracks continue east-northeast, with two separate ABS, TC, tracks (each with a 25 mph speed restriction), past MP 243.5, where another track begins ABS, TC (and a 15 mph speed restriction), to RT 99 (MP 242.1), where 2MT resume.