Hobart to Argos

From the junction with the former PRR Fort Wayne line at Hobart (MP 488.3), where the line turns east-southeast, along the south side of that line, which now starts with a turnout from the ex-NKP line, but used to reach this point coming southeast from Hammond and Gary, the single track, TC, ex-NKP line continues parallel to the ex-PRR until turning away southeast just before the flat crossing with the GTW at Spriggsboro (MP 480.7), where there is a 7,896 ft. siding, and then turns east-southeast again.

After passing through Valparaiso, the ex-NKP runs further south than the ex-PRR, past a 7,182 ft. siding at Nickel (MP 473.9), a 9,978 ft. siding at South Wanatah (MP 468.0), where there was once a flat crossing with the erstwhile north-south Monon line to Michigan City, and a flat crossing with a former C&EI branch at Thomaston (MP 463.0), where there is a 6,800 ft. siding, and runs through open countryside past a detector at MP 458.1, Brems, where it turns southeast, the 8,634 ft. siding at Knox (MP 451.5), where there was once a flat crossing with an erstwhile NYC line between South Bend and Kankakee, where the line turns east of east-southeast, Ober, Burr Oak, the 8,786 ft. siding at Hibbard (MP 438.9), where there was once a flat crossing with an erstwhile PRR line to South Bend, Rutland, and a detector at MP 434.6, where it turns east to the flat crossing of the one time Indianapolis & Michigan City at Argos (MP 431.0), where there are connectors in the southeast and northeast quadrants, as well as 7,715 ft. west side and 7,720 ft. east side sidings.