New Castle to Hamilton (New River Junction)

From the junction with the former PRR Chicago-Cincinnati line (now just a spur from Honey Creek) at Cast West End (MP 104.2), a 50 mph speed restriction from MP 104.0 to MP 101.9, a former flat crossing with  the erstwhile former Big Four Columbus to Indianapolis line, a stub of which now heads southwest, a grade crossing, a street to the west, and junction with Indiana Hi-Rail (which runs the remains of the former Nickel Plate continuing south to Rushville (now closed) and southeast to Connersville) at Cast East End (MP 101.9), where there is a 35 mph speed restriction on the curve from MP 101.9 to MP 100.8, today's NS line takes up the route of the former PRR, heading east, single track, Automatic Block Signals, Traffic Control, maximum speed 60 mph for intermodal trains and 50 mph for other freight trains, past New Castle (MP 99.5) and a grade crosisng at MP 99.

There is a bridge over a culvert and a grade crossing, an east side spur at Henry County Co-Op Track (MP 96.4), within the 8,000 ft. siding (25 mph on the siding) at Millville (MP 95.6), a turn southeast at MP 93, a 45 mph speed restriction through Hagerstown, from MP 90.4 to MP 90, the east side House Track at MP 90.2, a grade crossing, a former junction with an erstwhile Big Four line south, a siding at Walnut-Hagerstown, a turn back to the east, the spur at Walnut Level track (MP 86.8), a detector at "Greens Fork" (MP 85.1), Intermediate Signals and a grade crossing at Greens Fork, a grade crossing at MP 79.x, a grade crossing with Round Basin Road, a bridge carrying I-70 overhead, a 40 mph speed restriction on curves between MP 75.1 and MP 74.5 as the line turns east-southeast, extra track on the south side, a road bridge overhead, the 8,013 ft. siding (25 mph on the siding) at Richmond (MP 73.0), with extra track to the south and a grade crossing just east of the east end of the siding, where there were once junctions with the east-west erstwhile PRR Columbus to Indianapolis line and an erstwhile PC line coming from the north.

The line turns east-northeast, with a 40 mph speed restriction on curves from MP 72.4 to MP 71.1, along the south side of the erstwhile Columbus line, and then makes a sweeping turn south within that same speed restriction, turning east-southeast, with a 50 mph speed restriction on the curve between MP 69.2 and MP 68.6, MP 68, a grade crossing with Paint Road on the border from Indiana into Ohio, past the 10,565 ft. siding (25 mph on the siding) at Campbelltown (MP 64.4), with a grade crossing with Daily Road within the south end of the siding, the spur at Armacoast track (MP 63.1), a grade crossing and detector at MP 62.7, New Hope, and Eaton (MP 59.8), with a 45 mph speed restriction through Eaton, from MP 59.7 to MP 58.8, past the spur at WESTVACO (MP 59.1), and turning curvily south, with a 30 mph speed restriction on the curve between MP 58.8 and MP 57.2, and a grade crossing on the curve.

There is a spur for Carter-Jones Lumber Company at MP 56.7, Barnets Mill, a turn south-southwest, a detector at "Camden" (MP 51.5), the 8,020 ft. siding (25 mph on the siding), from MP 51 to Camden (MP 49.5), a through girder bridge over a stream, a 30 mph speed restriction through Camden, from MP 49.4 to MP 48.9, a road alongside to the east at MP 47.1, a turn just east of due south, a grade crosisng, Somerville, a turn southeast, the spur for an Elevator track at MP 40.5, Collinsville, a turn south-southeast, the 9,917 ft. siding (25 mph on the siding) at Seven Mile (MP 37.2), the spur for Seven Mile Elevator at MP 36.4, and a turn to the south past a 25 mph speed restriction over Augsburger Road grade crossing (MP 33.3), to the junction with the CSX (former B&O) Toledo to Cincinnati line, coming from the northeast at New River Junction (MP 33.1) and turning south-southwest.