Van Loon to Hobart

From the flat crossing with the north-south EJ&E at Van Loon (MP 497.9), where the crossing is almost underneath the Interstate Highway (tower in the southwest quadrant), there is a connector in the southeast quadrant, double track reduces to single track, and ABS is replaced by TC, the single track, TC, line turns east-southeast, past South Gary, where an erstwhile Michigan Central line once crossed on the flat, a bridge over a lake, where it turns east, HO Tower, where there was once a flat crossing with an erstwhile EJ&E line, and 6,945 ft. west side and 6,548 ft. east side sidings at Hobart (MP 488.3), and reaches the former PRR Fort Wayne line at Hobart, where the line turns east-southeast, along the south side of that line, which now starts with a turnout from the ex-NKP line, but used to reach this point coming southeast from Hammond and Gary.