NS Fostoria District Traffic (Fort Wayne to Bellevue)


The following NS trains were observed on this segment in 2005-2010 (more than 20 trains each way per day):

217                                between Charlotte and Chicago
218                                between Chicago and Charlotte
233                                between Norfolk and Chicago (Landers)
234                                between Chicago (Landers) and Norfolk
235                                between Danville, KY, and Chicago (Landers)
236                                between Chicago (Landers) and Norfolk

Trains 217, 218, 233, 234 and 236 began running double stack containers from September 9, 2010

242                                between Chicago and Harrisburg
251                                between Sandusky and East Point, GA
256                                 between Voltz, MO and Sandusky, OH   
261                                between Rutherford, PA and Chicago
262                                between Chicago and Rutherford, PA


The following NS trains traveled on this segment between 2005 and 2010:

272                            between Bellevue and Lorain, OH
275                            to FEC Jacksonville
280                            between CPR Chicago and Lorain, OH


The following NS trains were observed on this segment in 2005-2010:

882                        between Williamson, WV, and Chicago

         General Merchandise

The following NS trains were observed on this segment in 2005-2010:

1467                              between Kansas City and Bellevue              
10E7    ex-NLPI             between UP Sidney, NE, and Conway
11E7    ex-PIEW            between Conway and UP Salem, IL
13J       ex-ML-423        between Port Wilmington, DE and Gibson, IN
14E7    ex-NLBV           between UP Sidney, NE, and Bellevue
15E7    ex-BVFW           between Bellevue and UP Sidney, NE
16K7    ex-ICBV           between IC Tolono, IL and Bellevue
17K7    ex-PIIC             between Conway and IC Tolono, IL
306                            between Chicago and Bellevue
307                            between Bellevue and Chicago
323                            between Fort Wayne and van Loon, IN
7East of Fort Wayne only; runs on ex-Wabash, west of Fort Wayne

         Local Peddlers

L73                        Fostoria local
L75                        Lima local