New York Avenue to Landover

The NorthEast Corridor (NEC) is a heavy-duty passenger railroad running from Washington DC to Boston, via Philadelphia and New York City. Much of the route has four tracks, and all of it is electrified with overhead catenary. Until recently, however, the section from New Haven to Boston was not electrified, and was operated with diesel locomotives. Amtrak owns most of the NEC, with some segments owned by the local commuter operator (such as Metro-North Railroad). From Washington through to New Rochelle, NY, the route was build and electrified by the Pennsylvania Railroad.

The NEC and the former B&O line to Cumberland and Pittsburgh diverge immediately north of Washington Union Station, the double track electrified Northeast Corridor turning east-northeast to CP Avenue (MP 134.6), with a road bridge overhead, where the north leg of the wye from the ex-B&O line from Cumberland trails in, crossing above the switch leads to the carriage shops, passes the Ivy City Amtrak locomotive (to the south of the wye leg) and coaching stock depot  (to the north of the wye leg) on the northwest side of the line, with the former B&O non-electrified Camden Line in between the electrified NEC tracks and the maintenance depot and diverging to the northeast at the east end of the depot, as the NEC turns east, with speed limits 85-50 to MP 133 and 125/110-50 thereafter, past two bridges over streets below and a road bridge overhead, across the Anacostia River on a through girder bridge, past a road bridge overhead, a wooded area, a highway on the west side, a road bridge overhead, leaving the District of Columbia behind at crossovers at State Line (MP 131.6) and passing through suburban Maryland, past a road bridge overhead, a closed tower on the west side, crossovers, a road bridge overhead, and a bridge carrying the former B&O freight line bypassing downtown Washington, and curving northeast at Cheverly as the ex-PRR freight bypass comes alongside to the southeast, with the lines joining at the crossovers at Landover (MP 128.8).