Perryville to Newark, DE

At the crossovers and junction at Perry (MP 59.5), the former-Conrail Port Road Branch turns away to the north, while the NEC continues east-northeast, four tracks wide for a couple of miles, with speeds 60-40 on the outer tracks and 125/110-40 on the inner tracks, past the passenger station at Perryville (MP 59.4), where there are platforms on both sides of the line and on the branch, and a depot in the vee of the junction, MP 58, where the 125 drops to 110 and the 40 on the inner tracks rises to 50, two road bridges overhead, the crossovers at Prince (Principio, MP 57.3), where the number of tracks reduces to two, with speed limits 125/110-45, a turn northeast, with maximum speed 95 mph on the curve, Charlestown, North East, a bridge over a river, crossovers at Bacon (MP 51.0), where a third track is added on the south side, with speeds 125/110-40 on the more northerly two tracks, and 110-40 on the most southerly, a curve east with a maximum of 90 mph on the curve, a curve northeast, with a maximum of 110 mph on the curve, a road bridge overhead, Elkton (MP 44.9), an interlocking at Iron (Iron Hill, MP 41.5), start of an extra track on the south side, where freight speeds drop to 30 mph,  a bridge over a stream, dual road bridges overhead, a road bridge overhead, State Line (MP 41.4), where the line enters Delaware, and the passenger station with two side platforms at Newark (MP 38.9).