Hinkle Yard

Built in 1951 on a green field site, north of the main line, as a flat yard, Hinkle Yard was expanded to a hump yard in 1976, and now also has UP's main locomotive servicing point in the Pacific Northwest. Located at the junction of the Portland to Huntington, OR, main line, and UP's line to Spokane, the yard originates ten manifest freights a day, and classifies all westbound manifests. The classification yard has six receiving tracks south of the bowl, a forty-track bowl on the east side of the hump, and seven departure tracks north of the bowl, and can handle 1,200 to 1.500 cars a day. The diesel house is southwest of the hump, but still on the north side of the main line, just east of the wye with the Spokane line. There are on-line fueling racks on the main line, adjacent to the diesel house.