McCammon to Cecil Junction (Ogden)

At CP G 192 (MP 111.4), the speed limit for trains for (or from) the Ogden line is 40 mph, and at McCammon (MP 191.4, where the speed limit is still 40 mph, to MP 189.7, where the speed limit is 60 mph), the Ogden subdivision, single track, CTC, at this point, diverges to the south (on the west side of the line to Granger), with a 6,368 ft. siding on the west side of the line and a 6,624 ft. siding on the east side of the line, and a connector facing south on both lines joins them at the south end of the junction. The line becomes single track, Track Warrant Control (TWC), Automatic Block Signals (ABS), from the latter point south, past a 6,046 ft. siding at Arimo (MP 104.8), and Virginia (MP 100.4).

The line angle south-southeast, past the 5,991 ft. siding at Downey (MP 95.0), Zanda, a detector at MP 88.7, the 6,005 ft. siding at Swan Lake (MP 84.4), and Oxford, where it turns south again, past the 6,007 ft. siding at Coulam (MP 78.8), Clifton (MP 75.2), where a line to Preston (at the end of the Cache Valley subdivision) once headed southeast, the 6,011 ft. siding at Dayton (MP 71.4), the 6,103 ft. siding at Weston (MP 65.4), Anderson (MP 63.8), the Idaho-Utah State Line, Cornish (MP 60.5), a detector at MP 59.7, the 6,098 ft. siding at Trenton (MP 56.6), and Cottle (MP 55.8), before turning southwest and then west to the 8,619 ft. siding at Cache Junction (MP 48.6), where the speed limit is 30 mph, there is a wye with legs curving to the north and to the south, and the Cache Valley subdivision heads away south.

The main line takes the north leg of the wye, heading north, west, through a narrow cleft in the mountains, and then south-southwest, past a detector at MP 46.3, a detector at MP 45.4, 210 ft. Tunnel 15 (MP 45.2), a detector at MP 44.6, the 6,010 ft. siding at Wheelon (MP 44.0), where the speed limit is 40 mph, and Collinston (MP 40.3), where the speed limit is again 60 mph, before turning south again past a detector at MP 40.0, and then, with the route of the erstwhile Utah Idaho Central interurban alongside to the east, past the 6,044 ft. siding at Dewey (MP 35.7), and the 5,984 ft. siding at Honeyville (MP 30.4), edging east of south, with the interurban route moving further away, past Box Elder, where a narrow gauge line once headed west-southwest, to Brigham City (MP 21.1), where the speed limit is 40 mph, there is a yard and a wye, on the west side, where the Malad subdivision (from Corrine, on the original transcontinental line) joins from the west-northwest.

The main line continues south and then just west of south past Perry (MP 17.3), where it turns south, a detector at MP 16.5, the 6,027 ft. siding at Willard (MP 14.6), where an arm of the Great Salt Lake is alongside to the west and the route of the interurban alongside to the east again, Little Mountain Junction (MP 9.5), where a branch heads west to Little Mountain Salt, and the 5,938 ft. siding at Hot Springs (MP 9.0), edging just east of south (as the route of the interurban turns away east) past Randall (MP 6.3), and Wip (MP 5.8), turning south again at Harrisville (MP 4.7), with the USA Ogden Defense Depot to the west, to the 6,079 ft. siding at Cecil Junction (MP 1.2), where CTC starts, the speed limit is 40 mph, the former Central Pacific line (Lakeside subdivision) trails in from the west, and the original Union Pacific line (Evanston subdivision) continues south into Ogden (MP 0.0), with the yard facilities to the west and the erstwhile passenger facilities (including the depot) now a museum, to the east.