Orchard to Pocatello

From the 9,347 ft. siding at Orchard (MP 423.5-MP 421.6), where the 20-mile Orchard Industrial Lead (formerly the part of the Boise line not now operated by INP) trails in from the north-northwest, the single-track, CTC, 70 mph line continues east-southeast, past extra track at Simco (MP 419.4), a detector at MP 417.9, and the 8,241 ft. siding at Cleft (MP 414.5-MP 412.6), turning southeast past the 8,250 ft. siding at Sebree (MP 409.1-MP 407.4), east and then southeast again past CP P403 (MP 402.6), Mountain Home, where a US Air Force line once trailed in from Mountain Home Air Force Base to the southwest, the 8,233 ft. siding and shuttle-enabled destination grain elevator at Mountain Home (MP 401.2-MP 399.5), a detector at MP 397.3, and the 8,338 ft. center siding at Reverse (MP 393.3-MP 391.6), where 2MT, CTC, begin at the western end of the siding.

The line turns east-southeast, south-southeast, east and east-southeast, past Hammett (MP 384.4), where the speed limit is 60 mph, curving just north of east by detectors at MP 379.8 and Doran, where the Snake River is again alongside to the south, east-southeast to crossovers at Glenns Ferry (MP 376.2, where the speed limit is still 60 mph, past a spur trailing in on the north side, to MP 372.9, where it is 30 mph), where it turns east-northeast, and then following the north bank of the river south-southeast, northeast past King Hill (MP 366.9), where the speed limit is back to 70 mph, east and then just east of south, with the lines separating just before a sharp turn due east past crossovers at Ticeska (MP 356.0), where the line reverts to single track, CTC, a detector at MP 353.5, the 5,842 ft. siding and shuttle-enabled grain elevator at Bliss (MP 350.6-MP 349.3), where a line to Rupert once turns away southeast, and the 8,283 ft. siding at Fuller (MP 345.7-MP 344.0).

A sharp turn to the north, followed by turns to the northeast, east-southeast and east again, leads to the 8,232 ft. siding and shuttle-enabled destination grain elevator at Gooding (MP 337.9-MP 336.2), where the Idaho Southern Railroad once trailed in from the south, a detector at MP 333.7, and the 8,260 ft. siding at Tunupa (MP 331.2-MP 329.5), a turn east-southeast, east, and southeast past Shoshone (MP 323.1), where there was once a wye on the north side with a line east and then north to Ketchum, 2MT, CTC, begin and the speed limit is 60 mph, a westward hold signal at MP 320.4, where the speed limit is 70 mph again and the tracks separate for a short distance, Dietrich (MP 314.7), where the tracks come back together again and single track, CTC, resumes as the line turns east past a detector at MP 313.4, Besslen, the 8,354 ft. siding at Owinza (MP 303.9-MP 302.2), and Sid.

The line turns east-southeast, past the 5,973 ft. siding at Senter (MP 296.2-MP 204.9), a detector at MP 290.9, the 5,961 ft. siding at Kimama (MP 290.4-MP 289.1), the 8,273 ft. siding at Adelaide (MP 285.4-MP 283.7), the 5,913 ft. siding at Max (MP 277.4-MP 276.1), the 13,190 ft. siding at Minidoka (MP 274.0-MP 271.3), where the Eastern Idaho RR heads southwest at a wye, to Rupert and other lines along the Snake River, a detector at MP 268.9, the 5,990 ft. siding at Hawley (MP 268.0-MP 266.8), Chybo, and the 8,280 ft. siding at Dewoff (MP 261.2-MP 259.4), before turning east-northeast past the 5,969 ft. siding at Wapi (MP 256.3-MP 255.3), a detector at MP 252.3, the 8,257 ft. siding at Quigley (MP 250.8-MP 249.1), Coolridge, and the 6,042 ft. siding at Borah (MP 243.0-MP 241.7).

The Snake River comes alongside as the line turns northeast to the 7,108 ft. siding at American Falls (MP 239.4-MP 237.9), where the speed limit is 55 mph and the line bridges over the river and then runs along the southeast side of the American Falls Reservoir on that river before edging away from the reservoir past a detector at MP 233.5, where the speed limit is 70 mph again, and turning east-northeast past the 8,261 ft. siding at Bannock (MP 231.0-MP 229.3), extra track at Schiller (MP 226.8), where there is a spur, the 7,354 ft. center siding at Michaud (MP 224.4-MP 222.7), where 2MT, CTC, begin, and Don (MP 219.8), where the speed limit is 50 mph, turning east-southeast to Pocatello Junction (MP 216.9-MP 216.3), where the speed limit is 70 mph again, 3MT, CTC, begin, the Montana subdivision heads away northeast at a wye on the northeast side, the line turns southeast and the Pocatello Yard begins on the northeast side, past crossovers at CP P215 (MP 216.0), and crossovers at Pocatello (MP 214.2), where the speed limit is 20 mph.