Original California Zephyr Route

Western Pacific main line

Oakland to Stockton

Stockton to Haggin

Haggin to Binney junction

Binney Junction to Keddie

Keddie to Winnemucca and Weso

Weso to Alazon (Track 1)

Weso to Alazon (Track 2)

Alazon to Salt Lake City (Smelter)

Salt Lake City (Smelter to Grant Tower)

Rio Grande main line

Salt Lake City (Grant Tower to Springville)

Springville to Helper (Soldier Summit)

Helper to Grand Junction

Grand Junction to Dotsero

Dotsero to Orestod (Bond)

Orestod (Bond) to Denver

Burlington main line

Denver to Brush

Brush to Lincoln

Lincoln to Ashland

Ashland to Omaha

Omaha to Oreapolis

Ashland to Oreapolis (direct)

Oreapolis to Pacific Junction

Pacific Junction to Albia/Maxon

Albia/Maxon to Burlington

Burlington to Cameron/Galesburg

Galesburg (Cameron) to Aurora

Eola to Aurora

La Grange to Eola

Cicero to La Grange

Western Avenue to Cicero

Halsted Street to Western Avenue

Chicago Union Station to Halsted Street