Bailey Yard
North Platte, NE

The major intermediate yard on the Overland Route, and the largest marshaling yard in the world, is 6.5 miles long (nine, between the outer crossovers leading up to it), with about 300 miles of track, and has eight separate sub-yards plus shop space for wagons and diesel locomotives. Five of the sub-yards are on the north side of the main through tracks, with four of them, and the main shops, south of the main through tracks.

The "spare yard", on the northwest (at CP B289) (MP 289.4) has 18 yard tracks and a balloon track at its northeast end. There are twelve "run-through" tracks extending between CP B289 and CP B988 (MP 286.55), on the north side of the "westbound coal yard/forwarding yard", which has fifteen tracks extending east to CP B287 (MP 285.98), serving 50 coal trains a day. South of this is the "west hump" and "west bowl", which has 50 tracks, extending east to CP B288 (MP 286.46), with the ten tracks of the "west receiving yard" between the west bowl and the main through tracks, extending east to CP B286 (MP 285.46) from the connector off the through tracks at CP W288 (MP 288.3). There is also a twelve trak "van yard" on the north side of the through tracks.

The westernmost sub-yard south of the through tracks is the nine track "east receiving yard" extending east from CP W289 to CP W286, where it leads into the "east hump" (which bridges over a pair of tracks to the west end of the shops) feeding the 62 track "east bowl", reaching to CP W284 and the seven track "east forwarding yard" which reaches to CP B285 (MP 285.50). There are 14 tracks in the "diesel repair shop" to the south.

The humps handle 3,000 cars a day, and the whole yard handles 10,000 cars a day, with the difference being the 50 coal trains and the intermodal trains for a total traffic of 120 trains a day passing the yard.

In 2008, UP opened a viewing platform for visitors to the yard, accessible of I-80 to the south.