Roseville Yard (Jerry Davis Yard) (SP: RV; UP: RV)

The first hump yard in Roseville, named Jennings Yard, was built by the SP in 1952, with 21 reception tracks, two humps, 49 classification tracks (with a capacity of only about 30 cars each), and 21 departure tracks. By the end of the SP (September 11, 1996), only one hump was in use, feeding 28 classification tracks at a rate of only 800 cars/day.

UP totally rebuilt the yard between 1997 and 1999, renaming it at the same time, so that it now has eight reception tracks (average length 9,000 ft.), a single hump with Dowty retarders, 55 classification tracks averaging 2,750 ft. in length up to a maximum of 80 cars for the longest tracks, and eight departure tracks (average length 9,000 ft.). Capacity rose from 1400 cars per day to 2000 cars per day. The new yard also replaced hump yards at Stockton and Eugene.

The engine servicing facilities continued almost unchanged from SP to UP days.

The yard is located on the southeast side of the main line between Sacramento (Elvas) and Roseville.