Alazon to Ogden

From the crossovers at the end of Paired Track at Alazon (MP 603.6), the single track, CTC, former Central Pacific line becomes double-track, ABS, and heads east and then southeast, with speed limit 60 mph, past a detector on track 2 at MP 604.6, to the line separation four miles further east at Wells (MP 607.5), where the former WP line turns away to the south, the speed limit on the former CP is 45 mph, and an Oregon Short Line connection from Twin falls once trailed in from the north (with another connector crossing the former CP to reach the former WP).

 With an additional 6,145 ft. siding on the north side, the line turns east-northeast and then east, past a detector on track 1 at MP 610.4, to the end of double track at Moor (MP 617.4), where single track, CTC, resumes, with speed limit 50 mph, turning north-northeast (away from the original CP routing, which heads northeast), past a detector at MP 620.6, east past the 9,480 ft. siding at Holborn (MP 623.6-MP 625.5), east-northeast, east-southeast across the original CP route, northeast and then east, where that original route trails in from the west to the 9,700 ft. siding at Pequop (MP 631.5-MP 633.4), and then southeast, with relatively small deviations from the original route (first to its northeast and then to its southwest) past the 9,715 ft. siding at Valley Pass (MP 639.7-MP 641.6), where the speed limit is 65 mph, the resumption of double track, ABS, at MP 641.6, a detector on track 2 at MP 642.0, and a detector on track 1 at MP 644.3.

The line turns east at Cobre (MP 644.6), where the Nevada Northern once trailed in from the south, and the northeast, north-northeast past a segment where the two tracks separate for about four miles, northeast again past detectors at MP 653.3, where the speed limit is 40 mph, a 6,000 ft. siding on the north side at Montello (MP 661.9), where the speed limit is 60 mph, detectors at MP 664.1, where the speed limit is 70 mph, Tecoma (MP 669.3), on track 2, where a branch to Tuttle once turned away south and the tracks separate again, past the Nevada-Utah state line, and a detector on track 2 at MP 676.6, turning southeast past Umtria Junction, where the tracks come back together and the original CP line via Promontory Summit headed away northeast, to Lucin (MP 679.8), where single track, CTC, replaces the double-track, ABS.

The line turns just south of east, almost dead straight across the salt flats, past a detector at MP 684.2, the 9,580 ft. siding at Pigeon (MP 684.2-MP 686.1), the 9,630 ft. siding at Jackson (MP 693.7-MP 694.5), Beppo, entry to the Newfoundland Evaporation Basin, the 9,590 ft. siding at LeMay (MP 700.9-MP 702.8), where there is a residual lake on the south side of the line, a detector at MP 706.3, the 9,650 ft. siding at Groome (MP 709.8-MP 711.7), on the south edge of the easterly extension of the basin, Allen, a detector at MP 716.3, as the basin is left behind, the 9,670 ft. siding at Hogup (MP 719.5-MP 721.4), Olney, Strongknob (MP 729.5), peak of the 'ridge' between the evaporation basin and the Great Salt Lake, a detector at MP 734.2, as the line passes the historical high water mark of the lake, and the 15,200 ft. siding at Lakeside (MP 734.6-MP 737.3).

The line now enters onto the fill (with an earlier trestle still visible in places on it south side), east across the Great Salt Lake, single track, Track Warrant Control (TWC), speed limit 49 mph, past Tresend (MP 739.7), where the trestle built as part of the original Harriman era diversion once started and today's line jogs to the north before resuming its easterly course, Midlake (MP 645.2), Marsh (MP 746.1-MP 747.0), where there was once a siding, Bridge (MP 752.9), the other end of the former trestle, where today's line jogs south again before resuming its easterly course onto land, past Saline, where it curves east-southeast and then east-northeast, a detector at MP 754.4, a 21,193 ft. siding at Promontory Point (MP 754.9-MP 759.1), where the speed limit rises to 60 mph and the line becomes CTC again, crossing a former arm of the lake with some residual water to the 2,535 ft. siding at Little Mountain (MP 767.2), where it turns east, becoming double track, ABS, again past Utah Industrial Park (MP 769.7), where there was once a wye on the north side, a bridge across the Weber River, and detectors at MP 772.0 before curving south to Cecil Junction (MP 781.0/MP 993.6), legal meeting place of the Central Pacific and Union Pacific, where the speed limit is 55 mph and the OSL trails in from the north.

There are crossovers onto Two Main Tracks, CTC, with speed limit 30 mph, a bridge across the Ogden River, an erstwhile wye on the west side, an erstwhile flat crossing to the D&RGW terminal station, and the still-extant south leg of the wye where the rump of the former D&RGW trails in, to Ogden (MP 993.0), where the freight yards are on the west side of the line, and the former Ogden Union Depot, now a museum, is on the east side of the residual passenger platforms with their umbrella sheds.