Fremont to Missouri Valley

At the crossovers and junction at Fremont (MP 366.5), the 2MT, CTC, 70 mph, original UP Omaha line separates, on the south side, from the 3MT, CTC, 30 mph, direct line (former C&NW) to Missouri Valley, turning away on the north side, with speed limit rising to 60 mph, and heading just north of due east, past East Fremont (MP 364.3), where the 3MT reduce to single track, CTC, turning northeast and then east-southeast to Arlington (MP 358.6), just north of due east, southeast past a detector at MP 254.0, northeast past the 10,000 ft. south side siding from West Kennard (MP 351.7) to East Kennard (MP 349.6), just east of due north, north-northeast, north, and then east, past the junction with a branch south-southeast to Cargill (that once crossed from an erstwhile C&NW line from the north) at Blair (MP 341.4, where the speed limit drops to 40 mph.

The line turns northeast, east across the multi-span through-truss bridge over the Missouri River, from Nebraska into Iowa, northeast and east again past the west leg of the wye junction on the north side with the former C&NW Sioux City line at Cal Junction West (MP 335.5), where the speed limit is back to 60 mph, the east leg of that wye at Cal Junction East (MP 335.0), a detector at MP 332.0, Allen Creek (MP 331.7), where 2MT, CTC, start, the west leg of the wye junction on the south side with the former C&NW line north from Council Bluffs at Missouri Valley Junction (MP 329.6), where the 2MT, CTC, come under the Automatic Train Control in force on that line, the crossovers and junction with the east leg of that wye at Missouri Valley, 9th Street (MP 329.2), a turn north-northeast, and crossovers at East Missouri Valley (MP 326.2).