Julesburg to O'Fallons

From the junction with the line trailing in from Sterling and Denver on the south side at Julesburg (MP 365.2), where there are crossovers, a 10,854 ft. siding on the south side and a 9,509 ft. siding on the north side, all along the north side of the South Platte River, the line turns east-northeast, Two Main Tracks, CTC, speed limit 70 mph, past crossovers at CP W363 (MP 363.0), where the sidings end, the border between Colorado and Nebraska, and Barton, turning just north of due east, and east-northeast again, following the river, past Big Springs (MP 354.3) and detectors at MP 353.1, turning just north of due east again, past crossovers at CP W350 (MP 349.6), CP W345 (MP 345.2), crossovers at Brule (MP 343.1), detectors at MP 342.6, and crossovers and the 11,263 ft. north side siding at Ogallala (MP 334.7 - MP 332.4).

The line turns curvily east, still following the north side of the river, past detectors at MP 329.5, Roscoe (MP 327.5), crossovers at CP W326 (MP 326.5), crossovers at CP W322 (MP 322.5), detectors at MP 316.4, a spur at Paxton (MP 315.5), and crossovers at CP W312 (MP 311.5), turning just north of due east past a bridge carrying the line south from the coal line to the Nebraska Public Power Gerald Gentleman II Power Plant overhead, and east again past crossovers at CP W306 (MP 305.5), Sutherland (MP 303.7), a spur at Varner (MP 302.1), and the wye junction on the north side with the coal line from South Morrill at O'Fallons (MP 300.3), and subsequent crossovers, where the line becomes 4MT, CTC.