Bradford to Columbus

From the junction between the line from New Paris, coming from the west-southwest, and the line from Logansport, coming from the west-northwest, at Bradford (MP 83.1), where there is a 30 mph speed restriction within corporate limits, the line heads east-southeast, double track, manual block, Automatic Block Signals, Cab Signals, maximum speed 60 mph for passenger trains and 50 mph for freight trains on Track 1 and 50 mph on Track 2, but 30 mph speed restriction within Bradford corporate limits, past East Bradford (MP 81.2), turning east-northeast at Covington (MP 79.3), where there was once a flat crossing with the erstwhile Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton, and east, past a former Cincinnati & Lake Erie line trailing in on the south side at Piqua (MP 73.0), a bridge over the Great Miami River, and the flat crossing with the B&O at Piqua Crossing (MP 72.2).

Continuing east, the line passes Fletcher (MP 86.1), Conover (MP 63.5), the 176-car siding from the flat crossing with the DT&I at St. Paris (MP 57.9) to Garrett (MP 57.0), a jog southeast and then east again, West Rice (MP 49.9), where the number of tracks expands to three, and Rice (MP 48.0), where the number of tracks reverts to two, with maximum speed 50 mph on all tracks, turning east-northeast, past the flat crossings with the Big Four and the Erie Dayton Branch at Urbana (MP 46.8), where there is a 25 mph speed restriction over street crossings, northeast, east, and northeast again, past 139-car eastward and 93-car westward sidings at Hagenbaugh (MP 42.1), and east, past Cable (MP 38.1), Woodstock, and the 97-car westward siding at Milford Centre (MP 28.0), where there is a flat crossing with the Cincinnati to Cleveland line.

The PRR line turns southeast, past Unionville (MP 21.8), the 77-car eastward siding at Plain City (MP 17.5), Hayden (MP 12.6), and the yard on the southwest side at Hilliard (MP 10.1), turning east-southeast, past the 141-car westward siding and flat crossing with the Toledo & Ohio Central at Mounds (MP 6.0), where CTC starts on Track 2 and the maximum speed on both tracks drops to 35 mph to MP 3, and 30 mph thereafter, bridging over the Scioto River and turning just east of due south at Marble Cliff (MP 4.1), and east-southeast, past the yard on the south side at Grandview Avenue (MP 2.4), a bridge over a river, where the line turns east, the flat crossing with the C&O at Olentangy (MP 1.0), where Track 1 ends and Track 2 is renumbered Track 4, with maximum speed 30 mph, Dennison Avenue (MP 0.5), where a southeast quadrant connector from the C&O trails in on the south side, and double track resumes, numbered Tracks 3 and 4, with maximum speed 15 mph on Track 3, Front Street (MP 0.3), the junction (10 mph on the junction) with the line via Xenia, on the south side, at High Street (MP 0.1), and Columbus Union Station (MP 0.0).