Columbus to Newark

From the junction between the Xenia line, from the southwest, and Bradford line, from the west, at Columbus Union Depot (MP 190.7), the line heads northeast, double track, current-of-traffic (Rule 251), maximum speed 20 mph, past Neilston (MP 190.5), US Tower (MP 190.4), and Cleveland Avenue (MP 190.2), where it turns east on a wye, past a junction with a now-N&W line heading north and the start of joint track with the B&O at Joyce Avenue (MP 188.5, 15 mph on the junction), a bridge carrying the Norfolk & Western overhead, Alum Creek (MP 187.7), the 75-car westward siding and angled flat crossing with the NYC (Toledo & Ohio Central) at East Columbus (MP 186.1), Port Columbus (MP 184.0), Taylor, Black Lick, and the 76-car eastward and 140-car westward sidings at Summit (MP 177.4).

The line continues east, past Columbia Center, Petaskala, and the 72-car eastward and 77-car westward sidings at Outville (MP 169.2), turning east-northeast, past Union, the 76-car eastward siding and flat crossing with the NYC at Heath (MP 161.9), a B&O line trailing in from the south at ND cabin (MP 158.0), Newark (MP 157.8), First Street (MP 157.5), and the flat crossing (15 mph on the crossing) and junction with the B&O at Lake Erie Crossing (MP 157.4).