Dayton to Xenia

From Miami City Junction (MP 16.6), where the B&O and NYC (Big Four) lines from Cincinnati join on the south side of the PRR line from Indianapolis, the line heads east-northeast, double track, CTC, maximum speed 40 mph for passenger trains and 30 mph for freights trains, with a 25 mph speed restriction over street crossings, bridging over the Great Miami River past Dayton Union Station (MP 16.0) to Wayne Avenue Junction (MP 15.4), where the B&O Toledo line heads north, the Big Four and Erie continue east-northeast, and the PRR turns east-southeast, past Dutoit Street (MP 14.6), where single track starts and the street crossings restriction ends, the PRR line to Lebanon leaving on the south side and a flat crossing with a B&O branch at Clement (MP 12.3), where the maximum speed rises to 70/50, and Zimmerman (MP 8.0), where that B&O branch comes alongside to the south.

The lines turn east, past Alpha (MP 5.3) and Trebein (MP 3.9), turning south, with a 50 mph speed restriction on curves between MP 2 and MP 1 and a 25 mph speed restriction over street crossings, past the junction with the PRR line from Springfield, on the east side, at Shawnee (MP 1.5), turning east-northeast, with a 25 mph speed restriction on the curve west of the station, to join with the PRR line from Cincinnati at Xenia (MP 0.0).