Dennison to Mingo Junction, 1955

In 1955, the PRR Panhandle District is a double track, ABS, current-of-traffic main line, with maximum speeds 60 mph for passenger trains and 50 mph for freight trains on this line segment. From Dennison (MP 90.3), where the depot is on the north side of the line, the line continues east-northeast, east-southeast past the 126 car westbound siding at Dyke (MP 88.7), northeast past Philadelphia Road, east and northeast past Fishers, east through a tunnel to Bowerston (MP 81.1), where a Wheeling & Lake Erie line trails in from the north and continues alongside to the north, curvily east-southeast past Conotton, Scio (MP 75.0) and Rumley, and east at the 193 car westbound siding at Custer (MP 71.0), where there is a tower on the south side of the line, to Jewett (MP 69.9), where the W&LE line crosses and heads away southeast.

The PRR line continues curvily east (passenger speed 55 mph on curves between MP 67 and MP 52), past SA Tower (MP 69.0), Cadiz Junction (MP 66.0), where a PRR line trails in from the southwest, Miller, where a spur from Nelms Mine #2 trails in from the southwest, Carmen, Hopedale (MP 63.8), where the Lake Erie & Western crosses at grade, Unionport (MP 61.2), Fairplay, W Tower (MP 58.4), Broadacre (MP 57.7), the 187 car eastbound and 124 car westbound sidings at Acre (MP 57.4), a tower on the south side of the line, a turn south-southeast past WK Tower (MP 56.4), Reed, WU Tower (MP 56.0), a turn east past Fernwood (passenger speed 50 mph), south-southeast and then east (40 mph on the curves) through 3,320 ft. Gould Tunnel, where the speed limit is 40 mph on the gantlet track within interlocking limits through the tunnel, to the 190 car center siding at Gould Siding (MP 49.0), and then northeast, southeast, east past a connector from the Pittsburgh & West Virginia Line that is here alongside to the south), northeast and east to the wye at Mingo Junction (MP 46.3), where the main line turns north (55 mph passenger speed on the curve), along the west bank of the Ohio River, and a line trails in from the south, along that river.