Dennison to Mingo Junction, 1997

The Ohio Central (Columbus & Ohio River—CUOH) is a single track, dark, DTC Block, main line, with maximum speeds 25 mph on this line segment. From Dennison (MP 90.3), where the depot is on the north side of the line, with a street alongside to the north, with yard tracks across the line to the south, and a string of former PRR passenger cars and then ex-C&O 2-8-4 2700 are parked along the north side of the line east of the depot, which is in the Port Block, the line continues east-northeast, past a bridge over a river, a grade crossing, a (former) signal bridge overhead, and a road alongside to the north as the line climbs eastbound, and a dirt road grade crossing near MP 82, east-southeast past Dyke (MP 88.7), where the Port Block ends and the Urich Block starts, northeast past Philadelphia Road, east and northeast past a bridge over a highway below, Fishers, and a road bridge overhead, east to Bowerston (MP 81.1), where a former Wheeling & Lake Erie line now owned by the "new W&LE" trails in from the north and once continued alongside to the north (the roadbed is now a bike path), and the Urich Block ends and the Bowers Block starts, curvily east-southeast past MP 79, a grade crossing, Conotton (MP 76), two grade crossings, the siding on the south side at Scio (MP 75.0), where the Bowers Block ends and the Jewett Block starts, a grade crossing, Rumley, and a road bridge overhead, and east at Custer (MP 71.0), past a grade crossing to Jewett (MP 69.9), where the Jewett Bock ends and the Nelms Block starts, and the (new W&LE) line once crossed and now heads away on the north side of the line, then curves southeast and passes beneath, at the same bridge as a road passes beneath. The line is now on a ledge above the valley to the south.

The ex-PRR line continues curvily east past a road bridge overhead, a grade crossing, a dirt road grade crossing, Cadiz Junction (MP 66.0), where a former-PRR line trails in from the southwest, a grade crossing, a bridge over a stream, a grade crossing, MP 64, Miller, where the Nelms Block ends and the Goulds Block starts, and a spur from Nelms Mine #2 once trailed in from the southwest,  a grade crossing, Carmen, Hopedale (MP 63.8), where the former Lake Erie & Western line  now owned by Ohio Rails (OHIC) crosses overhead on a bridge, and a connector from Apex Junction then trails in on the north side as the Swanson Block, Unionport (MP 61.2), two bridges over streams, a road bridge overhead, MP 60, a bridge over a stream, a road bridge overhead, MP 59, Fairplay, MP 58, two grade crossings, a bridge over a stream, Broadacre (MP 57.7), a grade crossing, MP 57, a turn south-southeast past dual road bridges overhead, a bridge over a stream below, (below the road bridge), MP 56, Reed, a bridge over a stream, two road bridges overhead, a turn east past Fernwood, a grade crossing, a grade crossing with a road alongside to the north, south-southeast, past a spur heading northeast and a dirt road grade crossing, and then east through 3,320 ft. Gould Tunnel, to Gould (MP 49.0), where Ohio Central ownership ends and NS ownership starts, and then northeast, southeast, east past a connector from the former Pittsburgh & West Virginia (now the new Wheeling & Lake Erie) line that is here alongside to the south), northeast and east to the wye at Mingo Junction (MP 46.3), where the main line turns north, along the west bank of the Ohio River, and a line trails in from the south, along that river.

Swanson Block/Apex Branch

There is a grade crossing at the top of the climb up from the Nelms block connection, the line that bridges over the CUOH trails in on the south side, and there is a bridge over a stream,  two grade crossings, and a grade crossing at SR 646.