Newark to Dennison, 1955

In 1955, the PRR Panhandle District is a double track, ABS, current-of-traffic main line, with maximum speeds 70 mph for passenger trains and 50 mph for freight trains on this line segment. From the island platform, with its umbrella shed, at Newark (MP 157.6), where B&O lines head north, east and south, and the B&O and PRR share the trackage west to Columbus, the Panhandle District heads east-northeast, with speed restricted to 25-15, past First Street (MP 157.5), the 135 car sidings (one each way) at Licking (MP 155.1), curves with passenger speed 60 mph, Hanover (MP 149.6), Black Run (MP 144.8), the 193 car eastbound and 198 car westbound sidings at Bricker (MP 142.8), where there is a tower on the north side of the line, Frazeyburg (MP 141.7), the 150 car eastbound siding at Trinway (MP 136.0), where branches trail in from both north and south, and a Wheeling & Lake Erie line comes alongside to the south, Adams Mill (MP 132.2), NS Tower (MP 130.0), Conesville (MP 129.0), where the line turns north-northeast, the 273 car eastbound and 277 car westbound sidings at Tyndall (MP 127.0), curves between MP 126 and 125, where passenger speed is 60 mph, and Coshocton (MP 122.2), where speed is restricted to 20 mph, a branch leaves to the west-northwest and the main line turns east.

Between Trinway and Dennison, the line is a 'water-level route" in the Tuscarawas River valley. The line continues past a curve with 60 mph passenger speed, WV Tower (MP 121.8), 292 car sidings in both directions at Morgan Run (MP 118.1), where the W&LE line crosses at grade with a tower in the northwest corner and a connecting track passing northwest of the tower [with the field where the Ohio Central's shops are located in 2006 beyond the connector], West Lafayette (MP 115.6), RK Tower (MP 111.8), the 186 car eastbound and 195 car westbound sidings at Isleta (MP 111.5), CK Tower (MP 109.8), RT Tower (MP 109.2), Newcomerstown (MP 108.1), where there is a flat crossing (speed 25 mph) with a north-south PRR line, controlled by Town tower in the southwest corner, with a depot in the northeast corner, and the main line turns northeast, Port (MP 102.3), Port Washington (MP 101.6), a turn east-northeast, Lock 17, a through truss bridge over the Tuscarawas River,  Gnadenhutten (MP 96.7), a turn east (passenger speed 60 mph), Uhrichsville (MP 91.9), where a B&O line crosses at grade (speed 30 mph), with Uhrich tower in the northwest corner of the crossing, and Dennison (MP 90.3), where the depot is on the north side of the line.