Richmond to Dayton

From Glen (MP 117.4), where the line to Cincinnati, continuing east, splits off on the south side of the line to Dayton and Columbus (50 mph on the junction), turning east-northeast, the latter, double track, current-of-traffic (Rule 251), maximum speed 70 mph for passenger trains and 50 mph for freight trains, turns northeast past the junction at New Paris (MP 113.8/51.7) between the single-track, CTC, line via Bradford and the single-track, CTC, line via Dayton, with the latter continuing northeast, turning east past Eldorado (MP 44.3), and the 83-car siding from the flat crossing with the NYC at West Manchester (MP 41.7) to East Manchester (MP40.7), and east-southeast, past West Sonora, and a B&O line trailing in on the north side at Dodson (MP 31.3).

The now-joint line continues past the 74-car siding from Brookville (MP 28.9) to East Brookville (MP 28.1), Trotwood (MP 22.2),, the angled flat crossing with another B&O line at Stillwater (MP 20.6), a PRR spur from the National Military Home trailing in in the south side at MP 19, where the maximum speed drops to 40/30, and Wolf Creek (MP 17.7), where double track starts, with a 25 mph speed restriction over street crossings, turning east-northeast at Miami City Junction (MP 16.6), where the B&O and NYC (Big Four) lines from Cincinnati join on the south side, bridging over the Great Miami River past Dayton Union Station (MP 16.0) to Wayne Avenue Junction (MP 15.4), where the B&O Toledo line heads north, the Big Four and Erie continue east-northeast, and the PRR turns east-southeast.