Terre Haute to West Street (indianapolis)

From the junction where the former Evansville, Indianapolis & Terre Haute trails in from the south and the Big Four St. Louis line trails in from the west at Terre Haute (MP 72.0), the line turns east, double track, current-of-traffic (Rule 251), maximum speed 79 mph for passenger trains and 50 mph for freight trains, past the flat crossing (20 mph on the crossing) with the C&EI at Union (MP 71.9), followed by a 30 mph speed restriction on curves to MP 71, where a 70 mph speed restriction on curves starts, ending at Prairie, all past a connection from the Milwaukee Road trailing in on the south side, the PRR Yard, with a wye on the north side with the line to Frankfort, a bridge carrying the Milwaukee Road overhead, a wye on the north side with other connections to lines to the north at Fruitridge Avenue (MP 69.7), and a jog just south of due east and then just north of due east at Prairie (MP 67.7).

The line splits at Seelyville (MP 64.5), with one line passing Staunton and the other a different Staunton and Turner, coming back together at Brazil (MP 57.0), where CTC starts and there are C&EI and Central Indiana lines heading off to the north and a New York Central line heading south, the 204-car eastward siding at Knightsville (MP 55.0), where a branch to Center Point heads south, and Harmony (MP 53.2), where single track starts and the maximum passenger speed drops to 75 mph, with a 70 mph speed restriction on the several curves to Reelsville (MP 47.3), start of a 60 mph speed restriction on curves as the line turns northeast to MP 46, where the restriction on curves rises to 70 mph to MP 41, and then drops to 60 mph again on the curve to Limedale, past the 121-car siding from West Limedale (MP 41.4) to the flat crossing wtih the Monon at Limedale (MP 40.3), where double track resumes, with a 50 mph speed restriction on curves to Greencastle (MP 38.9).

There is now a turn east-northeast, past Almeda (MP 37.2), East Almeda (MP 35.9), where single track starts again (60 mph on the turnout), and the maximum passenger speed reverts to 79 mph, the 135-car siding from Fillmore (MP 32.5) to West Marion (MP 30.0), the 135-car siding thence, past Marion (MP 29.0) to East Marion (MP 28.0), and Coatesville (MP 27.9), a turn east, past the 124-car siding from Amo (MP 24.9) to West Summit (MP 22.0), start of a 135-car siding to Summit (MP 20.3), and Clayton (MP 20.1), and a turn east-northeast, past a 106-car siding from West Gibson (MP 16.0) to East Gibson (MP 14.9), Plainfield (MP 13.5), a 199-car siding from Bridgeport (MP 8.8) to Davis (MP 6.9), where CTC ends and double track, current-of-traffic (Rule 251), resumes, with maximum passenger speed 70 mph, and the line from Logansport trails in from the north.

The line continues past Kraft (MP 3.0), start of a 40 mph speed restriction on street crossings, Transfer Yard on the south side of the line, the flat crossing with southwestern and southeastern quadrant connectors with the Belt line  at Woods (MP 1.6), where CTC resumes on Track 2 and the maximum speed drops to 40 mph, the Westside Yard on the south side, and the junction with the Big Four line from St. Louis, from the west, and the B&O line from Peoria, from the west-northwest, at West Street (MP 0.4), where all lines continue east into Indianapolis Union Station (MP 0.0).