Weirton Junction to Carnegie

From Weirton Junction (MP 41.0), where another line trails in and a branch north to Newell departs on the west side of the line to Pittsburgh, the Weirton Secondary heads north-northeast, single track, Direct Control System, maximum speed 25 mph, turning just south of due east and then south, past Steel (MP 39.0), curving southeast, past Collier and curvily east, past the border between West Virginia and Pennsylvania (MP 35.1), and Hamline, curvily east-northeast, past Burg (MP 26.6) at Burgettstown, where an erstwhile branch once trailed in from the south, curvily east-southeast, past Midway, curvily northeast, past the 7,350 ft. siding at Hill (MP 18.5), Laurel Hill (MP 17.8), and Oakdale, south and then curvily east past Walker (MP 11.2), and east-northeast, past Wagner Tower, where an alternate line to Esplen once left on the east side and the line turns northeast, past a detector at MP 8.5,  and Carnegie (MP 8.5), to the junction with the Pittsburgh Chartiers & Youghiogheny at Char (MP 6.4), where that line trails in on the east side as the line turns northwest.