Black Creek to 27th St/14th St (Birmingham)

From the junction with the Cain Creek Branch, trailing in from the west at Black Creek (MP 383.8), single track, CTC, starts, maximum speed 20 mph, turning southeast and then south-southwest, past the New Boyles Yard on the east side, and south, past the end of the yard at Five Mile Creek (MP 386.1), a bridge over the Mary Lee Railroad, crossovers to the AX Pocket on the east side, the resumption of Two Main Tracks at AX (MP 386.5), south end of the AX Pocket, where Boyles Yard used to be, the junction where there is an Open Track and the Pinson Valley Branch trails in on the east side, the Transflow Terminal and Autoramp on the east side, the wye on the west side with the Blue Creek line at Boyles/FY (MP 388.2),where an erstwhile line to Gate City once left on the east side, another erstwhile line once departing on the east side, the flat crossing with an NS line at Benita Junction, crossovers at Mary Lee (MP 388.5), where an erstwhile Southern line once crossed, and the Belt turning away east at Fifth Avenue Switch (MP 390.1 on Track 2), where other erstwhile lines once trailed in on each side.

There is a turn south-southwest, a flat crossing (15 mph) with the double track NS Sheffield line at 27th Street (MP 390.8), with a west quadrant connector (15 mph) trailing in on the west side at the crossover at 24th Street (MP 391.1), where the New Way from the Alabama Mineral sub. trails in on the east side, a turn southwest, along the north side of the NS main line, with an additional two tracks on the west side, surrounding the island platform with umbrella shed, at the Birmingham Passenger Station, after which the more westerly passenger track trails into the other one, and the junction with the Old Elyton sub., on the west side, and the flat crossing with the double track NS main line (Southern Main Line), with northwest and southeast quadrant connectors, at 14th Street/13th Street (MP 392.1), where the additional passenger track ends.