Maplewood to Nashville/Union Station

From Maplewood (MP 181.0), where there is a crossing with Ben Allen Road, the line to the center of Nashville continues ahead (south-southwest), and the line to Radnor Yard turns south, the former heads south-southwest, Two Main Tracks, CTC, Yard Limits, maximum speed 25 mph, past a connector from the Radnor line, trailing in on the east side at MP 182, a grade crossing with Mile End, MP 183, MP 184, a grade crossing with Foster Street, a curve to the west-southwest, with East Nash Yard on the southeast side, the "Cottonbelt Lead" to the north and the "UP Lead" to the south at N 1st Street, where single track starts, and the through truss Cumberland River Draw Bridge (MP 184.9).

Two Main Tracks resume on the west side of the bridge (MP 185), past the Front Street Lead trailing in on the north side, a turn to just east of due south, with a connector continuing west-southwest on the north side, at "Nashville", crossovers to the west leg of the wye, trailing in on the west side with two tracks at this point, as the line bridges over Charlotte Avenue, forming Four Main Tracks at Church Street (MP 186), where there is a tower, and more crossovers at the erstwhile location of Union Station (Kayne Street, where there is a tower).