Maplewood to Radnor Yard

From Maplewood (MP 181.0), where there is a crossing with Ben Allen Road, the line to the center of Nashville continues ahead (south-southwest), the line to Radnor Yard turns south, Two Main Tracks, CTC, Yard Limits, maximum speed 30 mph, past a bridge over Gallatin Pike, where the connector from the main line trails in on the west side, MP 182, a crossing with Straight Way, MP 183, a crossing with Greenwood, a crossing with Rose Bank, MP 184, the start of single track across the Shelby Park Bridge across the Cumberland River and the Nashville & Eastern, where the maximum speed drops to 15 mph, the resumption of Two Main Tracks on the south side of the bridge, and a crossing with Lebanon Road.

The line turns southwest, past MP 186, the Metro Industrial Lead trailing in on the east side, a bridge over I-40, a crossover at Easton Junction, as the line bridges over Murfreesboro Road, the erstwhile Lebanon Branch departing on the west wide for Oak Street, a bridge over the Chattanooga line just before MP 188, connectors trailing in from both ways on that line on both sides of the Radnor Cutoff as the latter turns south again, and the end of 2MT at North Radnor (MP 188.x), where the maximum speed drops to 10 mph the L-Line heads away on the east side and the 26-track Departure Yard starts , followed by the hump (which bridges over a track below and has a bypass on the east side), the 56-track Classification Yard, the L-Line and the bypass track trailing in on the east side, and the 13-track Receiving Yard (MP 193), before trailing back in on the east side of the main line at South Radnor.