Nashville/Union Station to South Radnor

From crossovers to the west leg of the wye at "Nashville", trailing in on the west side of the east leg of the wye, with two tracks each at this point, as the line bridges over Charlotte Avenue, forming Four Main Tracks at Church Street (MP 186), where there is a tower, and more crossovers at the erstwhile location of Union Station (Kayne Street, where there is a tower), the line continues just east of due south, CTC, Yard Limits, maximum speed 25 mph, turning southeast past crossovers at South End Tower (MP 187), where the line reduces to Two Main Tracks, a crossing with Oak Street, to the junction at Oak Street, where 2MT continue southeast on the line to Chattanooga, and two turn south on the line to Radnor.

The latter, maximum speed now 30 mph, pass South Nash Yard on the east side, where there is a tower, a grade crossing with Humphrey's Street, a grade crossing with Craighead (MP 189), crossovers at Vine Hill, where a connection from the Nashville and Eastern trails in on the east side (and once continued on the west side), and the line turns southeast, a bridge over Thompson Lane (MP 190), a bridge carrying the B Line connection from Radnor Yard overhead, Blackman Lane (MP 192), where the E Line heads away on the east side, the B Line trailing in on the west side, a crossing with Harding Place as the line turns southwest, with a crossover at Mayton, a bridge over Farrell Parkway as the tracks from Radnor Yard come alongside to the east, MP 193, a bridge over Hogan Road, and the tracks from Radnor Yard trailing in on the east side at South Radnor (MP 193.x).