Radnor/Brentwood to Decatur

The tracks from Radnor Yard trail in on the east side at South Radnor (MP 193.8), and the line heads curvily south-southwest, Two Main Tracks, CTC, Yard Limits, maximum speed 40 mph, past the start of single track at Brentwood (MP 196.8), where a branch (former main line) to Columbia departs on the west side, and the maximum speed rises to 60 mph, but with 40 mph local restriction at Wilson Pike Circle (MP 196.8), turning just east of due south, past the 5,555 ft. west-side siding at Moran (MP 200.8), south past Monoco, curvily south-southeast, with a 55 mph speed restriction, from MP 203.5 to MP 203.9, past Benhill, and the 6,050 ft. west-side siding at McDaniel (MP 210.9), curvily south, with a 50 mph speed restriction, from MP 211.7 to MP 213.9, past a detector at "College Grove" (MP 215.5), Allisona, and the 7,590 ft. east-side siding at Holts Corner (MP 221.3), and south-southwest, past a 15-car north-facing spur at Chapel Hill (MP 227.0), Anes, and a detector at "Verona" (MP 234.9).

The Belfast Branch heads east (and a line once also headed west-northwest) at the 6,545 ft. west-side siding at Lewisburg (MP 239.6), and the line turns curvily south, past the 10,780 ft. east-side siding at Cornersville (MP 247.4), a 50 mph speed restriction, from MP 248.5 to MP 260.4, a tunnel, Diana, a detector at Speiden (MP 256.9), Frankewing, the 6,105 ft. east-side siding at Woodrow (MP 261.4), as the line heads south-southeast, south past Delrose, with a 50 mph speed restriction, from MP 265.5 to MP 271.0, just south of due west, past Wheelerton, and south past Baugh, with a 40 mph speed restriction, from MP 271.0 to MP 275.2, south-southwest, past the border between Tennessee and Alabama, the 12,595 ft. east-side siding at Ardmore (MP 275.2), South Ardmore, a detector at "Ardmore" (MP 279.3), Thach, and Carey.

There is a 25 mph speed restriction, through Athens, from MP 289.0 to MP 294.2, the 12,045 ft. east-side siding at Athens (MP 295.4), where the Athens Industrial Track (the remnant of the former main line) trails in from the north, on the west side, and the line turns south, past a detector at "Tanner" (MP 299.7), the 11,650 ft. east-side siding at Harris (MP 303.5), a 30 mph speed restriction, from MP 305.6 to MP 306.0, a 20 mph speed restriction, from MP 306.0 to MP 307.5, past the junction with the NS Chattanooga line, trailing in from the east-northeast at Decatur Junction (MP 306.2), where the line turns south-southwest, across the (NS) Tennessee River Drawbridge, to the junction with the NS Memphis line, heading west at Decatur (MP 307.2), where the CSX line turns south.