South Louisville Shops to SW/Osborn Yard

From Central Avenue, where the line from Cincinnati joins, from the east side, the double-track line coming south from Union Station, the line to Nashville heads south, with the trackage of the South Louisville Shops on the east side, double track, Yard Limits, speed limit 20 mph, past crossovers, the south end of the shops trailing in on the east side, the bridge carrying Woodland Overpass overhead,  a crossover, the north end of the ten-track Mapother Yard on the east side, with the A Yard of Osborn Yard between it and the main line, where an extra track on the east side begins, crossovers, the north leg of the wye, on the west side, with the line to St. Louis, at SW, where the speed limit increases to 50 mph, more crossovers, the spur from the General Electric Yard, the Bulk Terminal, and Ford trailing in on the east side, the south leg of the wye on the west side, at Dudley, and the 8-track L Yard and the 48-track B Yard of Osborn Yard (MP 5.9) to the east, and the 8-track C Yard to the west.