Pan American Route (L&N)

CT Junction to KC Junction (Greater Cincinnati)

KC Junction to Latonia

NX Cabin to Latonia

Latonia to HK Tower (Anchorage)

HK Tower to Frankfort Avenue (Louisville)

Frankfort Avenue to A Street

A Street to South Louisville Shops

South Louisville Shops to SW/Osborn Yard

SW/Osborn Yard to Memphis Junction

Memphis Junction to Amqui

Amqui to Maplewood

Maplewood to Nashville/Union Station

Maplewood to Radnor Yard

Nashville/Union Station to Radnor Yard

Radnor/Brentwood to Decatur

Decatur to Black Creek (Birmingham)

Black Creek to 27th St/14th St (Birmingham)

Parkwood (Birmingham) to 27th St/14th St

Montgomery to Parkwood (Birmingham)

Flomaton to Montgomery

Elysian Fields to Flomaton

East City Junction to Elysian Fields

New Orleans Union Station to East City Junction