Gardner to Fitchburg

From the junction with the Providence & Worcester (former Boston & Maine) line to Worcester, turning away south at Gardner (MP 344.66), where an erstwhile B&M line once trailed in from the north, the line heads east, Two Main Tracks, CTC, with a 10 mph speed restriction on Track 2, past CPF-345 (MP 344.64), where single track starts and full line speeds prevail, turning north, past East Gardner (MP 341.78), where a 30 mph speed restriction starts, curving east, past South Ashburnham (MP 339.90), where erstwhile branches once trailed in from the north, continuing around to the south, past CPF-335 (MP 335.0), where Two Main Tracks, CTC, resume, south-southeast past Westminster, north, past Wachusett (MP 333.16), just east of due north, past West Fitchburg, COF-331.69 (MP 331.69), and Bike Shop (MP 329.70), and east to Fitchburg (MP 329.55), where there is a passenger station and MBTA service to Boston North Station starts.