Mechanicville to Hoosick Junction

From the yard at Mechanicville (MP 467.89), where a line from Ballston Spa on the Canadian Main Line trails in on the north side, at the east end of which is the end-on junction with the former Boston & Maine at CPF-467 (MP 467.40), the latter heads northeast, single track, CTC, maximum speed 20 mph, along the west bank of the Hudson River, past CPF-466 (MP 466.25), where Two Main Tracks, CTC, begin, and a 10 mph speed restriction to CPF-465 starts, Stillwater Junction, where a shortline once headed north and the main line makes a sharp turn to the east, bridging over the Hudson River to its east bank, and then turning south, past Howland Avenue (MP 464.20), where the maximum speed rises to 40 mph, with a local 30 mph restriction to Johnsonville, southeast, past Reynolds (MP 462.61) to CPF-461 (MP 461.01), where single track, CTC, resumes.

The line turns east-northeast, past Scoke (MP 458.03), aka Schagticoke, where it turns east, West Valley Falls (MP 456.63), where it turns just north of due east, Johnsonville (MP 453.89), where full line speed prevails, the line turns northeast, and an erstwhile line from Troy once trailed in on the south side, Buskirk where it turns just south of due east,  CPF-448 (MP 447.51), start of Two Main Tracks, CTC, and a 10 mph speed restriction on Track 1 to CPF-445, Eagle Bridge, where a branch to Greenwich Junction heads away north and the main line turns south, to Hoosick Junction, CPF-445 (MP 445.18), where a Vermont Railway line heads east and single track, CTC, resumes, on the main line.