Jack to Poe (Petersburg)

From the junction with the Petersburg Belt Line at Jack (MP 88.3), where the Petersburg Belt Line continues east (on the south side), the main line through Petersburg turns northeast, with a 6,932 ft. siding to Addison (MP 86.8), turning just south of due east, past Intermediate Signals at MP 83.9/84.0, just north of due east, past a bridge carrying the CSX main line overhead, a former bridge carrying the erstwhile Seaboard Air Line overhead, a former flat crossing with an erstwhile Seaboard Coast line connector, a jog east-southeast and a spur on the north side where the erstwhile Atlantic Coast line once crossed at Petersburg (MP 81.2/.3), a turn east-northeast and then east, to the junction with the City Point Branch, on the north side, at City Point Branch Junction (MP 80.9/81.0), where the line turns south-southeast, past Intermediate Signals at Lane (MP 78.1/.2), to the junction with the Petersburg Blt Line, trailing in at a wye on the south side, at Poe (MP 77.8).