Kellysville to Whitethorne Connector

From PD Junction (MP 344.1), where a connector to the former Virginian Princeton-Deepwater District heads away on the north side, the former N&W line continues east-northeast, double track (current-of-traffic), turning just east of due south and then east-northeast again, past the end of double track at Wills (MP 342.5/.6), the boundary between West Virginia and Virginia, and the overbridge carrying the ex-Virginian overhead, north past detectors at MP 340.6, east past the siding at Glen Lyn (MP 340.5), as the line enters the valley of the New River, and another overbridge carrying the ex-Virginian overhead, northeast, following the river, past the end of the siding at MP 338.8/.9, south-southeast, still following the river, south-southwest to the former junction with an erstwhile N&W branch trailing in from the west-southwest, and east-northeast to Narrows (MP 332.8).