Kellysville to Whitethorne Connector

From PD Junction (MP 344.1), where the former Virginian Princeton-Deepwater District trails in on the north side, its former line to Whitethorne having been abandoned, the former N&W line continues east-northeast, double track (current-of-traffic?), turning just east of due south and then east-northeast again, past Intermediate Signals at Wills (MP 342.5/.6) and the former overbridge carrying the erstwhile ex-Virginian overhead, north past detectors at MP 340.6, east past a crossover at Glen Lyn (MP 340.5), as the line enters the valley of the New River, and another former overbridge carrying the erstwhile ex-Virginian overhead, northeast, following the river, past Intermediate Signals at Lurich (MP 338.8/.9), south-southeast, still following the river, past a crossover at Robinson (MP 336.4) and Intermediate Signals at Falls (MP 335.2/.3), south-southwest to the former junction with an erstwhile N&W branch trailing in from the west-southwest, and east-northeast to the crossover at Narrows (MP 332.8), where a connection over to the former Virginian (now the Whitethorne District), now resuming, departs on the north side.