Lynchburg to Pamplin

From the wye on the east side (MP 17.9/18.0), with the connector over to the Southern Main Line at Lynchburg, the single track line continues north-northeast, past Kinney Yard, on the east side, and the start of double track at Kinney (MP 16.5/16.6), where the Durham line splits off on the east side, turning east across Cotton Mill Trestle over the Southern Main Line, past a westbound signal at Dover (MP 15.9), southeast, past the end of double track at Rutherford (MP 14.8/14.9), east, south-southeast, south-southwest, south-southeast, past a 10,028 ft. siding from Posm (Possum Creek, MP 12.6/.7) to Campbell (MP 10.4/.5), southeast over the Possum Creek Trestle, east-northeast, southeast over the Beaver Creek Trestle, east-northeast, past Intermediate Signals at MP 7.6/7.7, just west of due south, south-southeast, past Intermediate Signals at MP 4.7/4.8, and east-northeast, past a detector at MP 2.9 and a 10,292 ft. siding from Phoebe (MP 2.3/2.4) to Concord (MP 0.1/0.2), where the original routing is regained, the erstwhile line once trailing in on the north side.

The line turns curvily east, past Intermediate Signals at Sput Spring (MP 187.4/.5), curvily southeast, past a 16,700 ft. siding, from Lee (MP 184.1/.2) to Appomattox (MP 180.5/.6), Intermediate Signals at MP 178.8/.9, a jog just north of due east and then curvily southeast again, past a detector at MP 176.5, Intermediate Signals at Evergreen (MP 173.7/.8), Intermediate Signals at Bowler (MP 170.5/.6), and the junction at Pamplin (MP 169.2/36.9, where the original line turns just north of due east and today's main line turns south.