Pamplin to Burkeville

From the junction at Pamplin (MP 169.2/36.9), where the original line turns just north of due east and today's main line turns south, past Intermediate Signals at MP 34.1/.2, then east-southeast, south past Intermediate Signals at Maloney (MP 29.4/.5) and a detector at MP 29.3, south-southeast, past Intermediate Signals at MP 26.4/.5, just north of due east, with the former Virginian now running not far to the south, past Intermediate Signals at MP 24.1/.2, south-southeast, southeast to the junction with the former Virginian, trailing in on the south side (and used to continue alongside to the south), and start of a 9,200 ft. siding at Abilene (MP 21.3/.4), reaching to Nelson (MP 19.3/.4), just east of due south, east-southeast, past Intermediate Signals at Briery (MP 17.3/.4) and a detector at MP 16.5, and east-northeast, where the erstwhile Virginian once ran just to the south, and a former Southern line once ran parallel, not far to the south of that.

There is a 9,245 ft. siding from Virso (MP 14.7/.8) to Evans (MP 12.7/.8), a turn just south of due east, Intermediate Signals at MP 10.2/.3, a turn northeast, a 9,202 ft. siding, from Green Bay (MP 7.1/.2) to Jenkins (MP 5.3/.4), and a turn east-northeast, past a detector at MP 4.5 and Intermediate Signals at MP 2.9/3.0 to the junction with the original line, trailing back in on the north side, and start of double track at Burkeville (MP 0.0/133.3/.4).