Roanoke to Lynchburg

At the crossover at Randolph Street (MP 257.3/257.6), where there is a wye connection to the Winston-Salem line on the south side, the Hagerstown line splits off to the north and the line across the Blue Ridge continues just north of due east, past a bridge carrying I-581/US202 overhead. The Winston-Salem line trails in on the south side, with the East Roanoke Shops on the north side, there are crossovers at 8 Street (MP 257.4/.5), a crossover at Furnace Crossing (MP 256.3/.4), and the line turns east at the junction at Tinker Creek (MP 256.1/.2), where a connection to the former Virginian splits off on the south side.

The former N&W continues past Intermediate Signals at Midway (MP 255.7/.8), turning northeast, past a crossover at Vinton (MP 255.0/.1), crossovers at Bonsack (MP 252.5/.6), detectors at MP 251.5, Intermediate Signals at Glade Creek (MP 250.9/251.0), a crossover at Webster (MP 248.5/.6), and Intermediate Signals at Blue Ridge (MP 246.2/.3), to Intermediate Signals at Villamont (MP 243.7/.8), where the line turns curvily east.

There are Intermediate Signals at MP 241.3/.4, the end of double track at Montvale (MP 239.1/.2), Intermediate Signals at Irving (MP 237.2/.3), a detector at MP 237.1, Intermediate Signals at MP 236.4/.5, Intermediate Signals at Thaxton (MP 233.8/.9), a 12,800 ft. siding from Bedford (MP 230.6/.7) to Big Otter (MP 228.2/.3), Intermediate Signals at MP 225.4/.5, a detector at MP 222.9, Intermediate Signals at Lowry (MP 222.7/.8), Intermediate Signals at Goode (MP 220.0/.1), and Intermediate Signals at Bellevue (MP 217.4/.5), an 11,890 ft. siding from Forest (MP 214.6/22.3), where a remnant of the original line diverges on the north side (and once followed the Blackwater Creek and the James River through Lynchburg), to Liberty (MP 19.9/20.0), and a turn north-northeast, past a detector at MP 18.0, to the wye on the east side (MP 17.9/18.0) with the connector over to the Southern Main Line at Lynchburg.