South Norfolk to Lamberts Point

From the junction with the Sewells Point (former Virginian, heading off to the north-northeast) and South Branches (the former Virginian, trailing in from the south-southwest) at South Norfolk (MP 3.5), where there was once an angled flat crossing, the former N&W continues north, past grade crossings with Park Avenue and Ohio Street, an angled grade crossing with Liberty Street, the crossover and angled flat crossing with the original Norfolk Southern at NS Junction (MP 2.5), where a bridge carries Poindexter Street (US 460) overhead, the Berkley Avenue Industrial Park, an angled grade crossing with Berkley Avenue, a grade crossing with a differnt Berkley Avenue and with Indian River Road (SR 407), an eastbound signal at Bridge 5 (MP 1.6), a bridge over the Eastern Branch of the Elizabeth River, Harbor Park, a bridge carrying the Hampton Roads Transit Tide light rail line overhead, two ramps carrying I-264 overhead, and signals at bridge 5 (MP 1.2/5.1), where the erstwhile line to the Norfolk Terminal Station once headed away west and the Lambert's Point line continues north, with a crossover.

There is a westbound signal at Lovitt Avenue (MP 4.8), where the erstwhile line to the Little Creek ferry slip once curved away northeast, a grade crossing with Carr Street, a bridge over Brambleton Avenue (SR 337), a grade crossing with Olney Road, a bridge carrying Virginia Beach Boulevard (US 58) overhead, May Avenue alongside to the east, grade crossings with Princess Anne Road and Goff Street, the junction at Barre Avenue (MP 3.6), where the current connection to the Little Creek  line heads away east, a grade crossing with St. Julian Avenue, a turn to the west-northwest, a bridge carrying Tidewater Drive (SR 168) overhead, crossings with Church Street and Monticello Avenue (US 460), 23rd Street alongside to the north, grade crossings with Granby Street, Llewellyn Avenue, Colonial Avenue and Colley Avenue, crossovers at Colley Avenue (MP 1.9), a bridge over Hampton Boulevard (SR 337), and the massive waterfront coal sidings and coal docks at Lambert's Point (MP 0.0), which are crossed by Campbell Avenue and encircled by NS Terminal Drive.