Walton to Roanoke

From the wye on the south side with the former N&W Pulaski District, and the junction with that district on the east end of the wye at Walton (MP 297.5), the double track line heads east-northeast, to the abandoned coaling tower and Intermediate Signals at Vicker (MP 295.5/.6), curvily east-southeast, past Intermediate Signals at Charleston Grade (MP 293.3/.4) and a crossover at Pelton (MP 290.5), just north of due east, past detectors at MP 289.9 and a crossover at the division point of Christiansburg (MP 289.7), curvily east-northeast, past Intermediate Signals at Houchins (MP 287.1/.2), the 663 ft. twin Montgomery Tunnels, a crossover at Montgomery Tunnel (MP 284.6), and a crossover at Arthur (MP 282.2), turning just east of due north at the Intermediate Signals at Shawsville Cut (MP 279.8/.9), past Intermediate Signals at Green Hill (MP 275.9/276.0), and curvily east-northeast, past crossovers at Singer (MP 273.3).

There is a bridge carrying the former Virginian overhead, and the line turns north, past detectors at MP 271.1 and Intermediate Signals at Porterfield (MP 270.0/.1), east-northeast, past crossovers at Glenvar (MP 267.7), and a crossover to the former Virginian (on the south side) at VN (MP 267.3), curving gently around to the east-southeast, passing the College Avenue road bridge overhead, Intermediate Signals at Salem (MP 265.5/.6), where a short branch turns away to the north, a bridge carrying SR 419 overhead, and a crossover from the former Virginian at WB (MP 262.9), and turning east to the west end of Roanoke Yard at West Roanoke (MP 262.2).

The double-track line turns southeast, with the yard alongside to the north and then northeast, with the Material Yard to the south, past the Belt Line trailing in on the south side, turning east-northeast, with the yard following to the north, past crossovers at 24th Street (MP 259.7/.8), and then east-southeast, where the Shaffer's Crossing locomotive facilitiesare to the north and a bridge over Patterson Avenue is located, with the yard continuing alongside to the north, past Intermediate Signals at 16th Street (MP 259.1/.2), and then just north of due east, past a bridge carrying 5th Street NW overhead, a crossover at Park Street (MP 257.7/258.0), the Virginia Museum of Transportation in the old freight station on the south side, a bridge carrying Commerce Street overhead, the location of the original Big Lick depot on the north side, a bridge carrying Henry Street (now a footbridge) overhead, a footbridge connecting the Hotel Roanoke, on the north side, to downtown, on the south side, the location of the Roanoke passenger station (depot on the north side is now the O. Winston Link Museum), a road bridge carrying Randolph Street or Williamson Road (US11) overhead, and a crossover at Randolph Street (MP 257.3/257.6), where there is a wye connection to the Winston-Salem line on the south side, the Hagerstown line splits off to the north and the line across the Blue Ridge continues just north of due east.